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The Alberta Bison Centre is the office for the Bison Producers of Alberta -providing bison producers a one-stop source of leading edge, reliable and accurate bison information.  Located at Nisku, Alberta, Canada (20 km south of Edmonton), the Alberta Bison Centre offers an extensive resource library on bison research, production and marketing information.

Alberta Bison Industry Overview
Alberta bison - deemed to be the cornerstone of the diversified livestock industry in Alberta - represent approximately 50% of the Canadian bison population. The opportunity for marketing bison meat, both domestically and internationally, is tremendous. Marketers and producers are striving to maintain supply for an increasing demand from the consumer for a healthier, naturally grown meat that has no artificial hormones. Currently, Alberta has two slaughter plants that are federal and European Union (EU) approved processing facilities that take bison, and numerous provincially approved facilities.

Bison Producers of Alberta
The Bison Producers of Alberta was created in the year 2000, as the Alberta Bison Commission, by the Order in Council of Alberta - operating under the Regulation Plan as set forth by the Province of Alberta Marketing Council.  In 2004 the three bison organizations in Alberta (the Alberta Bison Commission, the Alberta Bison Association and the Peace Country Bison Association) formed a coalition and became the Bison Producers of Alberta.

Mission Statement(Revised and Adopted at September 13, 2016 Director's Meeting) 

To facilitate opportunities and advocate for the bison industry in Alberta


Vision Statement: (Revised and Adopted at September 13, 2016 Director's Meeting) 

To be a relevant and active association supporting the Alberta bison community


Focus Areas:

-          Communicate and serve the membership base

-          Preserve the heritage and benefits of bison

-          Host conferences and networking opportunities

-          Develop Information about the industry and animal

-          Be a trusted voice representing producers to municipal and provincial government

-          Collaborate with other organizations for research and industry improvement

  • Including local associations and the Canadian Bison Association
  • Universities and colleges
  • Governments

-          Apply for and create funding opportunities related to:

  • Marketing, promotion and industry development
  • Research
  • Sustainable operation of the association

-          Promote membership

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