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Is It Buffalo or Bison?

The North American Buffalo is not a true buffalo. Its closest relative is the European Bison (Wisent).  The true buffalo is of Asia or Africa, such as the Cape Buffalo or Water Buffalo.  Scientifically, the true name for the North American Buffalo is "Bison" - but because our history has so ingrained in us the name 'Buffalo', we still use it today. 
Many more products from Water Buffalo have recently found their way into the North American markets.  This has caused the Bison industry to re-think the term buffalo being applied to our "Bison" products.  Therefore, the Bison industry is encouraging all Bison producers and marketers to use the name "Bison" to avoid confusion with water buffalo products.  This will help inform the public that Bison is indeed the North American Buffalo they know and love.

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