Bison - A Detailed Nutritional Analysis

Buffalo is a NUTRIENT DENSE food which, in one serving, provides significant amounts of:
34% Protein:
Complete protein containing all the essential amino acids needed for growth and maintenance.

33% Iron:
Heme, the most useable form of iron, needed for oxygen transport in red blood cells.
32% Zinc:
Trace mineral is used in the manufacture of enzyme systems, immune response, and sense of taste.
20% Phosphorus:
Needed for strong bones and teeth, growth and maintenance.

14% Vitamin B6:
Necessary for protein metabolism, making neurotransmitters.

10% Niacin:
Used to obtain energy at cell level and for fat synthesis/breakdown.

42% Selenium:
Trace mineral used in anti-oxidation functions at cell level.
Based on recommended nutrient intake for adult males.

Fat Facts
Fact: Most North Americans have too much fat in their diet. 
Fact: We need some fat in our diet, we need to eat between 60 and 90 grams of fat per day, depending on how active we are.
Fact: Different fats have different effects in the body.

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