Bison - Your Healthy Red Meat Choice!

Have you tried bison lately? Health conscious people are choosing bison as their red meat choice for it’s full bodied taste (similar to beef), but with a rich flavor that is by no means wild or "gamey". But the main reason health conscious people are choosing bison is for it's healthy nutritional value! Research by Dr. Marty Marchello at North Dakota State University has proven that bison meat is a highly nutrient dense food because of the high relative proportion of protein, mineral, and other nutritional components to its caloric value. Comparisons to other meat sources have also shown that Bison meat has a greater concentration of iron. Since bison meat is high in protein, you can feel more satisfied by eating less. Many who are seeking healthier lifestyles and practicing wellness are looking for just such a healthy red meat.

A super, healthy source of Iron for women

Why focus on women? Women tend to have lower iron levels in their blood than men do, with fatigue being a common result. To get a good source of iron, try bison. Bison meat is lean and has what diet-conscious women want - high iron and far less fat than similar cuts of other red meat sources. "The iron content is about 3 milligrams in a 3 ˝ ounce uncooked portion," says Dr. Marty Marchello, Bison meat can help boost your energy and lower your weight.

Naturally raised

It is an industry standard that bison are not given artificial growth hormones nor steroids. Today's bison herds are well managed and raised as naturally as possible by ranchers throughout North America. Thanks to their vision and determination, bison meat has found its way to our dinner tables.

Comparing Prices 

Why does bison cost more than other red meats? "I can buy other red meat at the local grocery store for less than bison!" This is entirely true, but what is real value? While shopping at your grocery, also ask questions like "Where did this meat come from?" "Were chemicals involved in the animal's diet to enhance production?" "What is the nutritional value?” So, is eating a healthy, natural meat worth the extra cost? You be the judge! The value of bison is not what you pay, but what you get in return.


Bison falls into the gourmet or specialty meat category at your supermarket or meat market. Bison meat can be found in the familiar cuts of red meat such as steaks, roasts, stew meat, etc. or as ground burger. It can also be found in a variety of specialty meats such as sausages, dried jerky and even hot dogs!

The consumer can purchase bison meat in selected grocery stores, health food stores, gourmet shops meat markets, through local producers who direct market, or prepared meals at select restaurants. Click on the ‘WHERE TO BUY’ tab for locations – a Tab that is being updated continually.

Bison Meat Cooking Tips

Bison is naturally flavourful and tender and can be prepared much the same as beef but it is important to not overcook it. Because bison is a very lean meat, the general rule is to cook bison at a lower temperature and slower! Fat in meat acts as an insulator and slows down the cooking process. With the lower fat content in bison, it usually cooks faster and become overcooked if proper care isn't used. Click on the ‘COOK IT RIGHT’ tab for specific guidelines.

Today's bison can truly satisfy all your red meat cravings with the added bonus of being loaded with nutrients and protein, low in fat and cholesterol and as natural as you can get it!

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