2018 Wildrose Sales Catalogue


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Welcome to All attending the Bison Producers of Alberta Association, Wildrose Bison Show and Sale!

The BPA Board of Directors and staff are pleased to present the Wildrose Show and Sale for you.  Th is year we have more animals then any time in recent memory, from many great consignors.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the bison industry. Consistently high meat prices have turned into profi ts for cowcalf producers; and with a great future in sight, it is an excellent time to increase and improve your breeding herd, or to get into bison for the very first time.  As bison can reproduce for many years, it is important to choose top quality breeding stock for long term success on your ranch.

This Show and Sale could not happen without all those involved.   We would like to thank everyone taking part in the sale today, buying or selling – and to our Judges, Trevor Gompf and Nolan Miller.  Also thanks to all our generous sponsors for their support, and to VJV for hosting the auction again this year. 

Happy Bidding!

Roger Van Haren

Bison Producers of Alberta


Click here to view the Auction/Sales Catalogue


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