What Are Bison Fed? - August 2003


Dear Gerald:

I would like to know what bison are fed. Primarily I am interested in how organic bison meat is, and I need to know if ranched bison are regularly fed anti-biotics.  I have sever allergies, both environmental and to foods, sulpha and penicillin. So how safe is bison for me to eat?



Dear Julie:

The Recommended Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farm Animals-Bison is a document that outlines the recommendations on how to raise bison. It can be found at:

In it the following statement is printed:"The Canadian Bison Association strongly opposes the use of growth hormones, steroids and sub-therapeutic antibiotic feeds in the production of bison meat. Bison meat is intended to be a natural, additive-free meat and producers are strongly urged to maintain and encourage this wherever possible."

Although I can't vouch for every bison producer, I strongly believe that the bison industry adheres to this recommendation. If you want to be assured that the bison meat has no drug residues, ask your bison meat supplier or retailer the same question. They should be able to give that assurance to you.

Gerald Hauer
Bison Centre of Excellence

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