Bison – tastes great and is good for you!

Smoke Signals Magazine June 2003

Are you starting to pay attention to what your feeding your body? Are you concerned about health problems either current or possibly the development of them? Well have we got the answer for you!

Have you tried bison lately? Bison is the technical world for the North American Buffalo, so you'll see the terms bison or buffalo used interchangeably so don't be confused, bison is buffalo and buffalo is bison.

Bison meat is low in fat, high in protein and nutrients and raised as naturally as possible. Sorry, but the days of the buffalo herds roaming the prairies by the thousands just isn't a realistic possibility. Can you imagine the chaos a herd of bison would cause by wandering through your yard, town or city? Today's buffalo herds are well managed and raised by ranchers throughout North America . Brought back from the brink of extinction by individuals who believe in the tremendous advantages of this hearty prairie giant. Thanks to their vision and determination bison meat is finding its way to our dinner tables and is no longer considered a "specialty" item that we only get to taste a few times during our lives.

10,000,000 Native Americans can't be wrong

Through thousands of years the Native Americans relied on buffalo meat as a huge part of their diet and scientific evidence shows that they were very healthy. Only in the last 150 years have we begun to consume domesticated animals as the main source of protein for the immigrant population groups of North America . This change has been perhaps, the most significant factor in the increase in Heart Disease, Hypertension and Diabetes to those immigrant groups as well as to the Native Americans.

The real truth about red meat and your health

Do you know why you need red meat? You read a lot these days about the benefits of being a vegetarian. What you don't read about are the disadvantages. For example, no vegetable, fruit or grain has the concentrated assortment of nutrients, amino acids, and essential fatty acids that are found in red meat. You would have to eat a huge combination of non-meat foods to find these nutrients, and then you won't get them all. Even fish lacks some of the diet essentials found in reed meat. Buffalo meat in particular, has a full compliment of these essential nutrients and is one of the best and most concentrated sources of iron available - nearly 3 times as much per ounce as is found in chicken.

Bison meat - scientifically proven to be healthier for you than beef

Bison is higher in protein: Research by Dr. Marty Marchello at North Dakota State University has proven that the meat from buffalo is a highly nutrient dense food because of the high relative proportion of protein, mineral, and other nutritional components to its caloric value. Comparisons to other meat sources have also show that Bison meat has a greater concentration of iron as well as many of the essential fatty acids necessary for human well being.

Skip the steroids, growth hormones and other chemicals - Eat Buffalo

The practices of bison ranchers are simple. They do not use antibiotics, hormones or growth stimulants of any kind in the production process. Bison meat is not mass produced. Producers believe that lots of green grass and hay along with careful care, selection and humane treatment of their buffalo produce a product that is a cut above all the rest. Call bison ranchers old fashioned and they'll say "thanks." It's the all-natural advantage!

A super, healthy source of Iron for women

Why is it better? Women tend to be anemic more than men. Low iron levels in blood can cause severe fatigue. To get a good dose of iron, try bison. Buffalo or bison meat is lean and has what diet-conscious women want - lots of iron and far less fat than similar cuts of other red meat sources. "The iron content is about 3 milligrams in a 3 ½ ouce uncooked portion," says Marty Marchello, Ph.D at North Dakota State University . "That portion contains less than 3 grams of fat." Buffalo meat can help boost your energy and lower your weight.

A great value is a great buffalo steak. It's great for you!

Why does bison cost more than other red meats? "Wait a second," you're thinking to yourself, "I can buy other red meat at the local grocery store for less than bison!" This is entirely true but what is real value? While shopping at your grocery, also ask questions like "where did this meat come from?" "Were chemicals involved in the animal's diet to enhance production?" "How many people have handled this meat before I buy it?" "Is this meat really good for me?" Chances are, you may never find answers to these questions. Attention to detail is lost in mass production. So, is eating a healthy, natural meat worth the extra cost? You be the judge!

Re-awaken your taste for steak

You probably used to have steak all the time. Do you remember how a real, juicy, grilled steak tastes? The question most often asked about bison is "what about the taste?" If you've never tried buffalo, then you are in for a real treat. Bison has a taste and texture similar to beef, but without the fat. The lack of fat marbling in the bison meat allows for a robust, full, rich meaty flavour. By no means does bison meat taste wild or "gamey."

It's not all steak, roasts and burger

Bison is so much more than simply roasts, steaks and burger. Today's consumer demands variety and have we got variety for you! The value added additions to the list of products available using bison has expanded new markets and utilizes the lesser quality cuts. The versatility of pure bison meat makes it possible for marketers to offer great tasting and "good for you" convenience foods.
Have you ever tasted bison jerky? You'll never be able to eat the others after you have tried the real thing! Thinking of roasting hot dogs around the fire pit - go for bison dogs, thick, juicy and created just to tantalize your taste buds. How about 100% pure bison sausages, there are several varieties, sizes and spices available try them all and find your favourite. What about pepperoni, salami, and garlic coils, all lean, flavour packed and so tasty you'll wonder why the heck you've been wasting your time eating the others. Today's bison can truly satisfy all your red meat cravings with the added bonus of being, loaded with nutrients and protein, low in fat and cholesterol and as natural as you can get it!

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