Feb 17, 2016

Coalition meeting paves the way for unified agriculture industry approach to upcoming provincial government Bill 6 consultations

The newly formed crop and livestock sector coalition is pleased to announce that their January 22nd meeting was an unprecedented success, resulting in a unified voice on Bill 6 as the agriculture industry progresses toward upcoming government consultations.

The coalition, co-hosted by the Crop Sector Working Group (CSWG) and Intensive Livestock Sector Working Group (ILSWG), met with the intent to work toward a unified approach to provincial government consultations on occupational health and safety, labour relations and employment standards.

“The crop and livestock sectors came together in a historic collaboration, unified by a common goal to represent the agriculture industry with a single voice as it relates to Bill 6,” said Page Stuart, co-chair of the January 22nd meeting. “This meeting has resulted in an effective strategy to move forward, representing 95 percent of the agriculture industry in Alberta.”

The coalition provides an efficient means for working with the government to develop effective regulatory consultations, and when a formalized process is in place, the coalition will finalize a strategy that reflects the unified approach agreed upon on January 22nd.

“I would like to thank the coalition members for their contribution to this historic meeting,” said Kent Erickson, co-chair of the January 22nd meeting. “We see our unified approach as being advantageous for both the agriculture industry and our provincial government, as we believe this approach will result in more productive and meaningful Bill 6 consultations resulting in regulations that makes sense at the farm level.”

The coalition is now working to develop a formal governance structure to ensure the industry continues to have representation dedicated to finding common ground with our government as it relates to occupational health and safety, labour relations and employment standards. 

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