Bison Cooking at the Calgary Stampede

Aug 29, 2017

The International Bison Conference had just wrapped up in Montana, and it was time for the world-famous Calgary Stampede!! 

Once again the Bison Producers of Alberta partnered with the Calgary Co-op Kitchen Theatre and featured Two Bison Cooking Demonstrations – one on Wednesday, July 12th and again on Thursday, July 13th.  This was the BPA’s 15th year on the Stampede Cooking Stage, and we were fortunate enough to have cooking for us the Head Chef of Vintage Chophouse, Kaede Hirooka (from the Vintage Group Restaurants). 


It was perfect Stampede weather, hot and sunny – which generally means fewer people coming inside – but word must be getting out about how great our bison dishes are as we had full crowds nearing 100 on both days to watch Chef Kaede in action.  His choice for the first day was Grilled Bison Strip Loin, thinly sliced, on top of a tasty Barley Salad.  To have the great flavor of grilled bison meat, with only a dash of salt and pepper to season it, was a taste-treat for everyone.  For the second day, Ravioli made with the meat from braised Bison Ribs was showcased and we were all intrigued.  It was a new way to use Bison ribs, and what a tasty way!  Let’s just say the crowds left no samples on either day.  

Chef Kaede spoke about how much he loves cooking with our lean Bison meat, inviting everyone to do so (but not to overcook it).  Linda encouraged ranching attendees to diversify into raising Bison, or get their neighbor to do so – explaining how consumer demand far exceeds available supply – giving our industry a strong economic viability.

 The Bison Producers of Alberta look forward to being at the 2018 Calgary Stampede next year, it is truly an event that reaches the public !!

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